The Effects And Bad The Outcomes Of War

War is always nasty. The effects of war sometimes can be felt for many years after the wars have ended. There have been countless wars in the history of men and many lives were lost and cities burnt. War is Chaos and when chaos is set free it burns everything in its path. As time passed and technology evolve so did war. People initially fought with clubs and sticks and thereafter graduated to using swords, bow and arrows. As time passed people created guns, bombs, biological weapons, nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction that could annihilate the whole word. Usually the country in war is affected tremendously.

Effects on society and people

The direct effect of war is the loss of life. Many sons, fathers, brothers and husbands are lost in war. It causes pain and heartbreak to many people. Society starts living in fear. This fear is due to uncertainty of when they could be attacked from the opposing army. People’s homes could be destroyed and most don’t have places to live. People are more likely to stay indoors for protection therefore people miss work and children miss school. Health is affected in war as soldiers have stay long hours in rain, dry or cold environments and bombing could contaminate water reservoirs and therefore affect drinking water. Many people tend to leave the country and some get lost, there are many instances where parents are separated from their children.

The economy

The economy will fall as military expense increases and there will be loss of infrastructure due to bombing and destruction. Some cities and even countries may at times need to be built from scratch. Everyday activities are disrupted. When countries start exporting weapons and spending on their military huge part on the money that could have been spent on the economy is now spent on war and a deficit may arise in the balance of payments. Crime rates may increase and banks may give extra protection for cash in transit vehicles and houses will increase security. The main reasons crime rate increases because when there is war there is less policing, food scarcity and unemployment.


During war governments may collapse as they are forced to make quick decisions and there is pressure from the opposition and the people. Bulletproof car use will increase as heads of the state will be targeted. Many decisions to be made will be between funding the military and economy growth.

Further new legislations will have to be made to protect the country and its people and these legislation can seem extremely unpopular with the citizens. The government will be extremely pressurised during war and will be liable for many choices and war time mistakes.