Problems With Traditional Teaching And Learning

When it comes to education there are mainly two ways of teaching and learning. There is the traditional method of teaching and learning and there is the modern method of teaching and learning. The basic different between these two methods happen to be the traditional method being more about the teacher providing all the information to the child while in the modern method the child is also required to make sometimes even more of an effort than the teacher to learn.
If you look are looking at Abu Dhabi high schools to choose a place for your child you should focus on finding a place that follows the modern method. This is because the traditional method of teaching and learning carries all of the following problems.
Passive Learning
In the past, passive learning was the accepted method of teaching. However, now, as people have understood it is always good to be more interested in what you learn and fully contribute to the effort things have changed. In the passive learning process, the teacher provides all the information. The students have to study the information, memorize it and then provide that information in the tests they take. There is no researching, no digging into the subject, no understanding more about the subject. That kind of learning does not help someone to become a good and learned professional one day. 

Curriculum Only Useful to the Classroom
The traditional learning and teaching curriculum often is something that is only useful to the classroom. That is something you should expect given that the whole purpose of that education is for the children to pass the exams by writing the information their teachers taught them. However, if you look at a Canadian school in UAE which follows the modern teaching and learning method you will find that the curriculum is made to be relevant even outside the classroom.
Not Using Technology That Much
The traditional teaching and learning method is limited to what the teacher teaches the students. So, occasionally you may see a slideshow or a movie or a documentary about a certain subject the teacher is teaching. Other than that there will not be any technology used in the education process. May be only some technological knowledge will be given in the information technology subject. That will be it.
The traditional teaching and learning method, confines the children to a small bubble. It does not make them ready to face the real world or help them to become practical people in any way.