Common Mistakes People Commit When Trying For A Job In The UAE

There are many reasons that make getting a job in the UAE such a delight. With excellent living standards and advanced technologies that far exceed leading cities in other countries, it makes an ideal location to live in. Combined with the fact that it is a tax free country which means you get exactly what you are paid with no deductions, it is no wonder that cities in the UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is constantly ranked among the best cities in the world.

With such a great appeal and aura around the country and its cities, the fact that there is a constant stream of hopeful expats from all parts of the world looking to secure jobs in this Middle Eastern country is no major surprise. With such a demand for jobs, there is little or no margin for error. By avoiding some key mistakes you as a candidate can have a better chance of securing a good job?

Think about the time period you are planning on departing to the UAE. Temperatures during summer hit all-time highs that effectively close down shops and businesses. Another factor to think about is that the UAE is an Islamic country so it is a bad move to travel and hunt for jobs during the month of fasting. Most of the firms in the country keep their hiring for the start of the year, the mid and the last month of the year so it is best if you put your traveling on to those dates.

Another common error most job seekers do is to apply with one curriculum vitae. Most hopeful job seekers assume that one curriculum vitae works for all types of jobs but this is not necessarily the case. If you are applying specifically for a home physiotherapy service, highlight qualities you have or qualifications you possess that are required for this job.

Similarly if you are applying for a position in another section of home health care Abu Dhabi, modify your curriculum vitae accordingly.

Do not stick to only online applications. Most companies looking for candidates do not even post the vacancy on the internet. Make use of references and social media sites, apply on career dedicated pages and also do not forget to apply for walk in interviews. You can also do a search on the internet for companies that are suited for you and give them a call or drop by and hand over your curriculum vitae to the human resource manager or someone equally competent. Social media is also a really great tool to find a job.